Tamara Ecclestone can't resist a bargain.

The heiress - whose London home is worth a reported £45 million - has inherited her billionaire father Bernie Ecclestone's love of cut-price deals and even saves up loyalty points to use in her favourite high street stores.

She said: "Oh, I love sales shopping. It's something I've inherited from my dad. I tell him, 'But you don't need it.' Then he says, 'But it's such good value...we're getting it!'

"I always go to Boots [high street pharmacy]. I buy all my eyelashes in Boots, all my beauty products, sunscreens - I have a Boots card and I collect all my Advantage points!"

Tamara, 27, loves to splash the cash on her pet dogs, treating them to regular beauty treatments - though she says their favourite treats don't cause too much strain on her finances.

She added in an interview with Britain's Star magazine:"Oh, I love my dogs. Well, their best treat is pigs' ears, which are cheap, and I take them to Harrods pet parlour for a monthly grooming session. My pooches are completely pampered."