Singer Tamar Braxton spent her first few days of motherhood questioning her abilities as a parent after she was unable to breastfeed her newborn son.

Toni Braxton's sister welcomed little Logan with her husband Vincent Herbert in June (13), but the new mum struggled to bond with the tot as she initially couldn't produce milk - and it left her feeling like a failure.

During a candid interview with U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America on Wednesday (31Jul13), she said, "I guess in a sense I did feel unattached (to the baby) because, you know, I really, really wanted to connect with him because I wanted to breastfeed, and when he didn't latch on, and when I couldn't produce milk, I just felt like, 'Is this the wrong child? Am I the wrong mother?'

"I loved him, but I wasn't like, 'Oh my gosh, yes, my baby!' It wasn't that. It was more like, 'What do I do now?' I was questioning my motherhood, like, 'Is this a mistake that God made? Is this something that I need to handle with my husband?' Because he and the baby connected instantly and I wanted that, and I guess I was a little jealous, pretty much."

Braxton admits her disappointment led her to avoid changing Logan's diaper for the first week-and-a-half as she got to grips with the big change in her life, but things quickly turned around and now she is happier than ever.

She continued, "When he finally latched on, I felt like he got me and I got him and this was all meant to be. I am very happy. I feel complete. He is the best thing that ever happened to me."