Sexy actress Tamala Jones has declared she could never consider dating R+B hunk USHER - because he looks too much like her little brother.

The 29-Yeah?r-old Head Of State beauty has been romantically linked to the 25-year-old YEAH! singer since his split from TLC member ROZONDA 'CHILLI' THOMAS, and she insists nothing could be further from the truth.

She says, "I'm not dating Usher. He's just a friend of mine. They saw us out after the SOUL TRAIN AWARDS and put two and two together and connected us.

"Usher is a handsome guy but he looks exactly like my brother CRAIG. Craig, I know you hate when I say that, but you do look like Usher. My little brother Craig looks exactly like Usher, so Usher to me is like a little brother, in a way.

"Usher's a nice guy, he's got a great record out. I'm proud of Usher but he's not my boyfriend. We have never dated and I've never put my lips on Usher - maybe (on the cheek), but that's it."

21/04/2004 09:24