British actress Talulah Riley once bowed to a casting agent at the beginning of an audition - because she was doped up on tranquilisers.
The St. Trinians star has a lifelong fear of flying and took four pills to calm her down before boarding a plane back to the U.K. for a casting call.
But it was a decision Riley lived to regret.
She tells Britain's Esquire magazine, "I'm still a bit scared of flying but it used to terrify me. I had to fly back home to go to an audition on my own and I was so frightened on the plane that I took four tranquilisers that I had with me.
"I was still scared and I kept passing in and out of consciousness. They guy sitting next to me alerted the air stewardess so she took me to the front of the plane and sat with me. Then as soon as we were on the ground, I just collapsed and fell asleep.
"I still went to my audition, and I can't remember it very well. I think I bowed to the director. It was a learning experience. Don't go to an audition straight after getting off a plane and don't take four tranquilisers on the way."