Rappers Talib Kweli and David Banner have blasted REVEREND AL SHARPTON for proposing a ban on racist lyrics, insisting they will never stop using the word "n**ger". Civil rights activist Sharpton is currently visiting cities around the U.S to pressurise large entertainment corporations to stop using words like 'bitch', 'ho' and 'n**ger' in their lyrics. But Banner refuses to bow down to pressure, claiming he has the right to freedom of expression. He says, "I might change the name of my album from The Greatest Story Never Told to F**k Al Sharpton. I hate Al Sharpton. "This is the kind of f**k that I'm talking about. They're killing kids in New Jersey and all across the country and all a f**k got to talk about is rap lyrics? F**k that about they're our elders and we gotta respect them. I'm tired of this. They're like the parents, but the parents are crucifying the kids." Kweli adds, "First, I'm an artist and I'm gonna say what I want to say. Nobody's gonna tell me what I can or can't say. What (Sharpton) says is important and it's relevant but I think we need our own leadership so that we can respectfully disagree. But we can't cow tow to them either."