LATEST: Taking Lives co-stars Angelina Jolie and Olivier Martinez are in the midst of an awkward situation - after his furious lover Kylie Minogue arrived on set to keep an eye on them.

The CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD star was left devastated by reports that her French hunk and the Tomb Raider beauty have become inseparable.

And pictures from the Montreal, Canada set show Kylie and Olivier looking miserable in each other's company - as they try to salvage their troubled relationship.

A source says, "It was certainly a tense day. Everyone had heard the rumours about Angelina and Olivier and were waiting to see what happened.

"Kylie arrived early and went straight to Olivier's trailer. There were no raised voices but neither of them looked too happy. It was ironic that Kylie was here on the day Olivier and Angelina were filming their scenes together.

"It was obvious Kylie came here to keep an eye on Olivier and to see for herself if anything has been going on."

One of Kylie's pals adds, "She trusts Olivier - more so than any man in a long time. But she wanted to hear the facts from the horse's mouth."

30/07/2003 02:28