Review of Lost And Found Single by Taken By Trees

Taken By Trees
Lost And Found (Rough Trade 20/08/07)
Single Review

Taken By Trees Lost And Found Single

Victoria Bergsmann (ex The Concretes) shows immediately through the creeping, atmosphere implanting intro to this cushioned folk/pop parade that she is looking to accentuate her soothing vocal pull. Taking on a similar role to Tracyanne Campbell (Camera Obscura) she takes a lovelorn feeling and strokes it gently to produce a therapeutic song session.

Echoing eeriness and a Mum styled mystique seeps out of B-side 'Too Young TTA Way', coupled with subtle cooing and choral backing. This, it could be argued, is more of an indication as to why Bergmann has switched projects and is truly exploring her instincts. This also comes through via the boomingly defiant, 'No Letting Go' that uses a Bjork vocal swerve and crisp handclapping to ooze solitude. This is by the best re-invention of the year thus far.

Rating; 8/10

Dave Adair

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