An amateur acoustic guitarist has beaten Take That and Elton John in the download charts from digital music provider iTunes.

Songs from the homemade album of 23-year-old KATE WALSH have become an unexpected hit with people buying and downloading music from iTunes, meaning the Brighton-based pianist and guitarist has knocked established bands such as the Kaiser Chiefs and TAKE THAT from the top of the chart.

However, the young singer has yet to buy an iPod for herself, she admits.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, she said: "I don't actually have an iPod yet. I hear they are quite good for ten hour flights."

Originally from Burnham-on-Crouch in Essex, she added that there has been wide interest in her work from America, but she is happy performing in the UK telling the Times she "prefers the pace of life" there.

Walsh recorded all her songs in a friend's house, costing just a "few hundred pounds", calling the resulting album TIM'S HOUSE as a tribute. And in an attempt to just get her music "out there", she set up her own record label, Blueberry Pie, and convinced iTunes to distribute The Music.

10/04/2007 12:02:15