British pop group Take That are refusing to change the name of their forthcoming LP - even though it shares the same title of Britney Spears' new album.
The band's fifth record, The Circus, is due out on 1 December (08) - just one day before Spears releases her sixth album of the same name on her 27th birthday.
But the Pray hitmakers, who disbanded in 1996 and reformed in 2005, insist they won't change the title.
The group's manager says, "The boys have worked on this for months, like Britney, and we certainly won't be changing the title.
"When you work that far in advance, it's impossible to know what people will call albums. (British pop duo) Erasure had an album Circus. The name is not copyrighted.
"I doubt there will be confusion. Fans will either ask for the new record by Take That of Britney Spears."