Take That have announced their fifth album, due for release in December, is to be entitled The Circus.

The award-winning boyband are also to take to the road again, following 2007's hugely successful Beautiful World tour, Gary Barlow has confirmed.

Speaking on BBC Radio 1's Chris Moyles programme, Barlow said the band's next single Greatest Day was penned as a show opener.

"We've always thought we've got great songs for finishing our concerts off," he explained.

"So we wanted to try and write something to start the whole concert. That was our thinking behind this single."

The track, due out on November 24th, received its first play on the breakfast show on Monday morning.

Barlow also explained his involvement in Peter Kay's new show Britain's Got The Pop Factor And Possibly A New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly On Ice, which screened on Channel 4 on Sunday.

The comedy, a spoof of TV talent contests, concluded with character Geraldine McQueen (Kay) performing The Winner's Song, co-written by the Take That star and the Bolton stand-up.

"Peter came to a lot of our gigs over the years so I got to know him a bit and he called me in January," Barlow said.

"He was talking about this show and said he wanted to get a song for the end. So he wrote all these lyrics out.

"Basically it's an amalgamation of all the winning songs from The X Factor and we wrote it together."

13/10/2008 14:16:21