Take That have a ''new energy'' without Jason Orange.

The 'These Days' hitmakers kicked off their run of 42 arena gigs in Glasgow, Scotland last night (27.04.15) - their first tour as a three-piece - and though the size of the shows are smaller than their previous 'Progress' and 'Circus' stadium tours, Mark Owen insists there is still ''a lot going on''.

He said: ''It's the biggest arena show. There's a lot going on.

''It's still as big as 'Circus'. And there's a new energy because there's only the three of us.

''I'm proud of what we've put together here. I think we've done a really good job.''

His bandmate Gary Barlow admitted the group planned to take to a smaller stage this time around while recording new album 'III'.

He explained to The Sun newspaper: ''We decided this a couple of years ago. It's been seven years since we played indoors.

''Our poor audience have stood in fields and been rained on. It's time to give them a chair.''

While Mark claims the trio initially thought they ''might not'' dance during this tour, Howard Donald was passionate about the physical side of their performance and insisted it was important they ''challenge'' themselves.

He said: ''We'd feel cheated if we came off stage and weren't sweating.

''We want to challenge ourselves. There's no way you want to just be walking on the stage and sitting on stools just singing.

''All three of us, we want to be doing something we've never done before.''