Take That have monthly "band and The Birds" evenings.

The five-piece British band - who have recently welcomed back Robbie Williams after he quit in 1995 - have revealed that once a month they get their wives and girlfriends together and all go out for a bonding meal.

Mark Owen - who is married to Emma Ferguson - explained: "We try and do a dinner all together once a month, which is great. We call it band and the birds evening! We just do it whenever we can."

It would appear the bonding evenings are working for the group - made up of Robbie, Mark, Gary Barlow, Jason Orange and Howard Donald - as they are "loving" being around each other again.

In an interview with UK station Radio 1, Gary said: "It's been very natural. We were a five-piece the first time around but this time we all want the same thing. We're loving each other, we speak about emotions with each other. Robbie's got married - we're all a bit more grown up."

Despite the band reforming minus Robbie in 2005, they admit it always felt as though there was "a piece of the jigsaw missing".

Mark added: "It feels natural. As a four we've had a great few years work-wise but when we started off there were five us. We've had Rob coming back in and spending more time with us in this last year. It's felt like there was always a piece of the jigsaw missing and now we're complete."