Take That don't think they are very good.

The 'Patience' hitmakers - who have earned millions since they reformed in 2005 - say they often get disheartened by their writing and are constantly questioning their own abilities.

Jason Orange said: "I'm the most negative in the band, asking, 'Can we do it better?' all the time. I always question if what we are doing is good enough."

His bandmate Mark Owen added: "Sometimes One Of Us has to go down a certain path with an idea before we all decide it's s**t."

However, Howard Donald says the group perform better as a unit now as Gary Barlow is no longer the sole songwriter.

He explained in the 'Take That Presents: The Circus Live' DVD: "We've got a much bigger friendship now that we ever did.

"Gary used to write everything at such a rate we were always catching up."

Mark - who had two top 10 singles in the UK chart after the band split in 1996 - admits his own input in the band would be better if he could remember his dreams.

He explained: "I write great songs in my sleep. I sing lyrics into my phone.

"When I wake up in the morning it's just me mumbling and falling asleep - but when I'm dreaming I hear all the string arrangements."