Tony Mortimer has claimed that he may cover Take That songs when he launches his solo career.

Mortimer was the former singer of boyband East 17, who were fierce rivals of TAKE THAT during each of the bands' 1990s heyday.

He has recently announced that he is planning to launch a solo career and has claimed that he may perform versions of songs by his old adversaries.

Writing on his blog, Mortimer said he currently has 15 tracks in progress, three of which are covers.

"A few have asked for a Take That cover - well there's definitely room for improvement on those songs, that's for sure," he wrote.

He also said he would consider appearing naked on stage, after watching a performance by THE Red Hot Chili Peppers.

"It is Rock and Roll after all haha," he wrote.

TAKE THAT'S Gary Barlow was recently named Greatest British Songwriter Ever in a survey conducted by One Poll

13/02/2009 11:25:52