Gary Barlow says Take That are "complicated".

The singer is thrilled the band - also comprising Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Howard Donald - decided to reform in 2005 without Robbie Williams and admits they have been through a great deal since they first met in 1989.

Gary said: "Our story is too complicated to sum up in a few lines. If we had tried to plan it like this it would never have happened."

Jason is convinced the band are more popular than ever because they have clung onto their modest upbringings and refused to get too carried away with fame.

He explained: "You can't spend too long qualifying it. We are good mates and that shows.

"People love the story, where we came from, how it all started. We have tried to mature and progress.

"And I think they like the fact that nOne Of Us have gone too far up our own a***s."

Mark stills feels excited about being a pop star because the band have managed to reinvent themselves with each new album.

He said: "There is a funny thing going on. Although we are quite an old band, it feels new - like we are just starting in some ways."