Take That singer HOWARD DONALD has angered anti-drug campaigners with his "irresponsible" comments after calling for the legalisation of marijuana. Donald believes people wouldn't be so volatile if they chose to smoke marijuana instead of drink alcohol, and is urging the British government to take action to downgrade the drug. Possession of marijuana is still considered to be a minor offence in the U.K. He said, "Cannabis should be legalised. I know it's a touchy subject. But if more people went out stoned than drunk - which a lot of people are on the weekend - I think there would be less fighting, less trouble and less violence." But his comments have enraged the Mothers Against Drugs activists. Spokeswoman Gail MCCann says, "Anyone who tells you cannabis is perfectly safe is talking rubbish. It can cause psychosis and paranoia. "I'd like Take That to see the work we do and ask if they'd like to donate some of the millions they earn to drug treatment."