Casting has been completed for the forthcoming Take That musical due to open in Cardiff on July 20th.

The producers of the show confirmed the cast and crew for the production, which will tour regionally in Cardiff, Glasgow, Manchester and Stoke before heading down for a London run.

Entitled Never Forget, the production includes a number of hits from Take That's back catalogue and follows a fictional cast in a story of "love, friendship, ambition and betrayal".

Tristan Baker, the producer of the show, said: "We are the biggest fans of Take That's music and we are so excited about the wonderful opportunity to create a new musical based on the fantastic catalogue of their work.

"We look forward to creating a legacy with these well-loved songs in the way that shows such as Mamma Mia has done."

Former Woman in White performer Dean Chisnall will star as Ash Sherwood, Craig Els - who is currently in Spamalot - will play Jake Fairbrother and Stephane Anelli will play Jose Reize.

The rest of the cast is made up of Belgian actor Tim Driesden and Eaton James, who is currently starring in Les Miserables.

The band themselves, who have experienced a remarkable comeback after their number one single Patience, have distanced themselves from the musical.

In a statement posted on their official website at the time of reports suggesting a production was in the pipeline, the band said it had "nothing to do with Take That".

"The band would like to state categorically that this production is being undertaken with neither their involvement nor their endorsement.

""They would wish their fans and the general public to know that this production is absolutely and 100 per cent nothing to do with Take That."

Songs performed in the production include Do What You Like, Every Guy, Relight My Fire, It Only Takes a Minute Girl, Back For Good and Never Forget.

07/06/2007 13:48:59