A band of overweight Take That tribute singers sparked a 'Big Brother' security alert.

Take Fat - made up of Gary Lardow, Blobbie Williams, Howard McDonalds, Jason Chocolate Orange and Mark Growin - were filming on the same set as channel 4 reality show at Elstree Studios when they were overheard saying they would like to perform for the housemates by scaling the walls.

Tony James, who plays the large version of Robbie Williams in the band, told The Sun newspaper: "We were having a drink in the hotel bar and I said it would be funny if we go into the 'Big Brother' garden and performed for the housemates.

"Someone overheard us and told the producers. The next day we were hauled in and told that we had caused a breach of security."

'Big Brother' bosses even went so far as to call the police to prevent the tribute singers breaking in.

Tony added: "We had to assure then that it had all been a joke. As if five fat blokes could get over the wall!"

Sunshine was the latest contestant to be evicted from the 'Big Brother' house on Friday (02.07.10).