Take That singer GARY BARLOW has so much money, he's taking tips from former bandmate Robbie Williams on to how to increase his spending. Barlow raked in the cash after writing most of the reformed British boy band's hits, including BACK FOR GOOD and NEVER FORGET, in the 1990s, and he's now the band's richest member with an estimated fortune of $25.3 million (GBP13 million). However, he admits he got bored with extravagant spending after a while, saying, "I spent a million buying antiques and art work which I didn't even want. Some of them I bought from (SIR) Elton John. "Our house in Cheshire was full of clutter - every one of our rooms was crammed with stuff. We moved to London and decided to downsize and sell it all off. "When I met up with Robbie I asked what he spends his money on. There isn't anything I really need any more so I just buy gadgets."