The Wanted's Nathan Sykes and Tom Parker helped a girl after she fainted and had a seizure.

The group was arriving at Glasgow airport after their T In The Park performance at the weekend when they were spotted by a group of teenagers.

One of the girls got so excited at seeing the band that she fainted.

However she then hit her head on a brick wall as she fell and started having a seizure.

Nathan stopped the bus and got out to make sure she was fine, despite the fact that they were late for their flight.

He then put her into the recovery position while band mate Tom called an ambulance.

Tom told The Sun newspaper: ''It was as we pulled up at the airport that one of our fans collapsed on the floor. Nath stayed by her side while I called 999.

''It was pretty frightening, but anyone would have done the same.''

Nathan recently admitted that air hostesses keep trying to get him to join the mile-high club.

The 19-year-old singer confessed has not yet taken up any offers from Cabin Crew to have sex while flying on a plane.

He said: ''I haven't joined the mile-high club on our travels yet, but there have been some slightly provocative air hostesses.

''They get a bit carried away. I think it would be completely unprofessional of me if I took them up on it, obviously.''