Rapper T.I helped police persuade a suicidal man not to jump from the roof of a high rise office building in Atlanta Georgia yesterday afternoon (13th October 2010), reports CNN. T.I, whose real name is CLIFFORD HARRIS, told the man that he could "make it through anything", according to Atlanta Police spokesman James Polite, who added that, "T.I. just happened to be in the right place at the right time"
The man, reportedly around 25-years-old, was threatening to jump from the 22-storey Colony Square building, when T.I "appeared out of nowhere", said Polite. The multi-award winning rapper then told police he could convince the man that "life's not that bad", and proceeded to communicate with him. After several minutes of conversation, the man agreed to leave the roof to speak further with the rapper, and he was then taken to Atlanta's Grady Memorial Hospital.
T.I is currently facing his own run in with the law, as a federal judge is set to decide whether to revoke his probation for a weapons conviction this week. The hearing was triggered after Harris and his wife were arrested last month on drug charges in West Hollywood. Back in 2008, the rapper served nine months in prison for unlawfully possessing firearms as a convicted convict.