KE$HA is hitTIng back at her former managers' allegations she owes them money after failing to honour a commission deal, insisting she fired the representatives in 2008.
Bosses at DAS Communications Inc. filed a $14 million (£9.3 million) lawsuit against the singer in May (10), claiming she signed a contract in 2006 agreeing to pay the firm 20 per cent of her earnings if they secured her a big music deal.
Ke$ha was reportedly allowed to terminate their business relationship within a year if they failed to do so - they maintain she dismissed the deadline and continued to work with DAS.
But the TiK ToK hitmaker wants the suit thrown out, according to new documents filed in New York State Court.
In the legal papers, Ke$ha insists she was within her legal rights when she cut ties with DAS.
A source close to Ke$ha tells the lawsuit is "a sad cynical attempt by a manager trying to profit off his former client's recent successes".