Fun-loving pop star KE$HA has sparked reports she defaced the famous Hollywood sign after posTIng a video of her latest madcap antics online.
In the short film, the TiK ToK singer and some intoxicated friends are seen stumbling around with bedsheets in the dark high above what looks like Los Angeles. They get to work on a mysterious project but are chased off by security guards.
The mystery is solved the following morning when the party-loving pop star wakes up in the back of a car and is alerted to the fact that the Hollywood sign now reads 'Ke$hawood' - thanks to some spray-painted sheets draped over the letters.
It is unclear whether the prank actually happened or whether the online video is just a hoax, but Ke$ha insists the joke is for real on, stating, "HwOOD $IgN I$ oFFiciaLLY My bIZnatCH!!!!! Good work2allmyHoTCULpritss!! LOOK AT THE SIGN LA!."
The prank reportedly took place on Wednesday night (03Feb10) and the early morning footage was taken at dawn on Thursday (04Feb10).