System Of A Down's creativity reached such a peak when they began recording their upcoming album they had no choice but to release the long player in two installments.

The CHOP SUEY! rockers could not bring themselves to choose between their songs so MEZMERIZE will hit shops next month (MAY05) and HYPNOTIZE will follow six months later (NOV05).

Guitarist DARON MALKIAN says, "When we started recording, we were focused on making every song the best it could be, to really give a thousand per cent to every single track.

"Doing a two-album set never entered into our thought process. But when we looked at all the songs we had and arbitrarily tried to choose 'the best' 14 for one album, we realised that they all connected with each other. We didn't chase this idea, it chased us."

06/04/2005 09:19