The image of Sylvester Stallone adorning new billboards for upcoming movie sequel RAMBO was originally intended as a T-shirt design. The eye-catching black and white stencil painting, by artist Jason Lindberg, features Stallone's bandana-wearing, mercenary hero and has appeared as a fly poster on walls throughout Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, Illinois over the past month. But movie bosses at Lionsgate, who are distributing the film later this month (25Jan08), admit they never intended to use the simple Stallone sketch to advertise the new movie. Studio marketing boss Tim Palen tells the Los Angeles Times newspaper, "This was never meant to be the whole backbone of the campaign." But Stallone himself approved the poster after seeing Lindberg's T-shirt design for merchandise related to the film. Palen adds, "Every step of the way, he kept saying, 'It's amazing.'"