Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables 2 co-stars have offered their condolences to the actor over the loss of his son after he pulled out of an appearance to promote the new film.
The Hollywood action man was left grieving the loss of his son Sage last month (Jul12) after the 36 year old was found dead at his Los Angeles home. Stallone was noticeably absent when the stars of his new movie gathered for a press junket in the city on Friday (03Aug12).
Randy Couture appears alongside Stallone in the upcoming blockbuster, and he told reporters he was sad that the actor couldn't join them to talk about the project, saying, "We miss him here. This is his gig. This is his thing and we're all here because of him. So, we definitely miss him, but we understand... He's where he needs to be right now."
Terry Crews tells Access Hollywood, "Our hearts are with him. (Couture and I) both have kids - I can't imagine (losing a child).
"There are no words to that kind of pain, to have to go through something like that. He's one of the toughest people I've ever met, ever known - a kind man - and our prayers and our hearts are with him."
Dolph Lundgren says, "I haven't spoken to him (since his son died), but it must be really rough. That's the worst thing that can happen to somebody - to lose your kid," while Jean-Claude Van Damme adds, "All my love to (Stallone') family... it's very personal. He's a great guy."