Sylvester Stallone is rumoured to star in 'Tough As They Come'.

The 70-year-old actor - who is most known for his role as Rocky Balboa in the 'Rocky' series - is reportedly set to direct and act alongside Adam Driver, 33, in an upcoming movie based on Travis Mills' memoir, according to

The drama will follow American military member Sergeant Mills, which is rumoured to be played by Driver, who is one of the remaining five soldiers to have survived and overcome a quadruple amputation after being injured on the battlefield.

And it is believes Stallone will be cast as the soldier's father-in-law, Craig Buck, who has supported Mills throughout his ordeals and the aftercare.

It has been reported WME is in talks to back the production, whilst 20th Century Fox Film company are also holding discussions about the project and are hoping to acquire the rights to the memoir, the life rights of Mills and Craig.

Although conversations about production are still underway, it has been reported Susan Carlson, Eric Carlson and James Keach will be producing the forthcoming adaptation.

However, Stallone and Driver have yet to confirm their roles in the project.

Meanwhile, Stallone has put an end to rumours, which surfaced in December that the much-loved films are over, and has revealed he's been hitting the gym ahead of the next instalment in the blockbuster action-thriller franchise to reprise his role as Barney Ross in 'Expendables 4'.

Speaking previously about his next project, he said: ''That was going to be great, fingers crossed.

''We're going to do our best. I think we've got some really great actors going, we've got great ideas, everyone's expecting something different and we're going to give it to 'em.''