It seems Sylvester Stallone isn't ready to pack-in the more physically demanding roles just yet. The Rocky star appears in action sequel 'The Expendables 2' and revealed that he ignored doctor's orders to do his own stunts, despite suffering a pretty nasty injury on the set of the first movie.
Speaking in a question and answer session for Red Bull, Stallone explained, "I had my neck fused in the last one after a stunt went bad. And I had two back operations, a shoulder operation and an achilles operation - it took its toll. The doctors said don't take any rough falls, let a stunt fella do it, but sometimes you have to do it and throw common sense out of the window". The sequel brings together all the action-heroes from the original, though attention is already turning to the third in the franchise after internet rumors suggested Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford and Wesley Snipes would join the cast. Stallone remained coy on the subject, though offered, "We are thinking about different concepts. The third is the hardest by far, the second one is a natural progression; the air gets rare with the third one. We're going for odd choices with it and could maybe even go into a different sort of genre". 'The Expendables In Space', perhaps?
The movie hits theaters on Friday (August 17, 2012), and it likely to trouble 'The Bourne Legacy' for the top spot at the box office.