Hollywood action man Sylvester Stallone had to fight to bring Rocky to Broadway as many of his peers deemed the idea of a boxing musical "absurd".

The Demolition Man star has spent 15 years working on the project and the show will finally open at the Winter Garden Theatre in New York City on 13 March (14).

Stallone admits he can't wait for opening night as Rocky's road to Broadway was a tough one.

He tells USA Today, "That's the story of my life. First nobody thought of me for (the movie role of) Rocky. Then no one could see it for Broadway... I always saw it as a very romantic story, a people's love story. The characters have so much inside themselves that they can't express, and I thought that music could be a way to get it out... Everyone thought it was absurd."

The actor goes on to praise the producers behind the show for taking a risk and backing his project, adding, "They each took a tremendous leap of faith, and they've seen things in these characters that even I didn't. They're all Rocky stories, if you think about it - they've put in all this time on something that everyone had said couldn't work."

When asked whether he is considering bringing any more of his films to the stage, Stallone jokes, "I think Rambo could be a real hit. Could you imagine? He'd come in and shoot the whole audience. No, I don't think so. This is it. Rocky is the one."