He is a man oft easy to mock, but it's hard to feel anything other than sympathy for veteran actor Sylvester Stallone at the moment, with news that the star has suffered another death in the family this year in what is proving to be an extremely difficult time for him. Following the death of his son Sage Stallone just last month, the New York Daily News is now reporting that his half-sister Toni Ann Filiti has passed away from cancer aged just 48 years-old.
Stallone should be on a high right now; 'The Expendables 2' has been released to a decent commercial reaction, and there are talks that many of the old stars who he's managed to gather for the first two films are up for a third instalment of the franchise. However, he's been forced to cut a stoic figure during promotion for it following the death of his son, and this latest news must be devastating for him.
Jackie Stallone, the matriarch of the family, told the Daily News that her daughter Filiti had passed away whilst at the 90 year-old's home. "I was holding her in my arms. I had just washed [her] face and told her how pretty she looked, and she just fell asleep," she said of her daughter's death from lung cancer that travelled to her brain. "She's too young to go, but she wasn't feeling any pain," the she continued. "What a terrible month. First Sage and now Toni. It's hard. At least they're together now in heaven." There has been no word from Sylvester yet, but our thoughts are with him.