Sylvester Stallone is thrilled Rocky Balboa outlived his portrayal.

The 67-year-old actor was celebrating the premiere of the Broadway adaptation of 'Rocky' - which is based on the 1976 film which he wrote and catapulted him to the spotlight - last night (13.03.14) at the Winter Garden Theatre in New York City.

He couldn't believe what a phenomenon the film turned out to be, and was thrilled that the character has proved so popular for so long.

Stallone told ABC News: ''This is really surreal.

''It is one thing with the movie. We got lucky with that and we got lucky six times, but 15 years later, a Broadway show.

''It was one of those things where I got lucky it just happen to hit a nerve, and the character lived well beyond me.''

Stallone admires the talent of theatrical performers, since they have a skill set which he lacks.

Last month he said: ''I possess zero talent in singing or dancing. But I've always admired things I can't do.''

The Hollywood hunk admits his version of boxer Rocky in the film is different to Andy Karl's ''romantic'' version on stage.

He explained: ''My Rocky was more guttural, Andy's is a little more aware of his surroundings. He has a romantic quality, I think.''

Stallone - who spawned the Oscar-winning film original and five sequels - was in high spirits at the event and got back into the ring, where he raised the show's star Andy's hand in the air at the curtain call in celebration of the musical when he celebrated the performance's first preview last month.