Sylvester Stallone's new onscreen sidekick, Julie Benz, is thrilled she's rumoured to be playing SUE ELLEN EWING in the much-anticipated Dallas movie - because she desperately wants the part. The actress, who teams up with Stallone in Rambo, hopes movie executives are reading the online reports, because she wants to play the boozy socialite. Benz says, "I grew up watching Dallas. I wanted to know who shot J.R. (Ewing). I would love to play Sue Ellen, but it's a rumour." If Benz lands the role in the movie adaptation of the cult soap series, she'll take on the part Jennifer Lopez originally signed up for. The Dallas project has been dogged with casting and directorial problems. John Travolta, Matthew MCConaughey and Meg Ryan were all attached to the film last year (07), but it appears none of these stars will be involved in the film. Meanwhile, Bend It Like Beckham filmmaker Gurinder Chadha was initially involved in the film. Now, that role has been passed to Betty Thomas.