Sales of Sylvester Stallone's movies on DVD and video have increased by up to 300 per cent in the UK, following his mother's appearance on a British reality TV show.

Since Jackie Stallone was voted off Celebrity Big Brother last Friday (14JAN05), stores have been inundated with fans desperate to buy some of the muscle-bound star's films.

Nationwide store WOOLWORTHS has reported a three-fold increase in demand for the DVD boxset of the Rocky movies, while internet sales of his RAMBO films have shot up by 150 per cent.

Stallone's 1993 blockbuster CLIFFHANGER is selling twice as many copies as it was this time last year (04).

A spokesperson for Woolworths says, "The name Stallone has been big news for the past couple of weeks and that has affected sales of all Sly's films."

19/01/2005 13:53