Sylvester Stallone is hoping his new RAMBO movie sheds light on the troubles raging in war ravaged Burma. The movie was in production in the poverty-stricken south-east Asian country last year (06), when the military junta began carrying out attacks on monks protesting the current regime. It was the latest in a series of violent events in a country torn apart by civil war for decades. Stallone was shocked by what he saw, and resolved to make the sequel as documentary-like as possible, to enlighten movie fans about the "real world". He says, "Burma is the most savage, pumped up, brutal human rights violation in the world. Burma is the largest genocide in the world. The civil war's been going on for 60 years. As we speak people are going through hell. "And I thought, If I'm going to do an action film, I'd also like to do something that sheds light on it. A cross between an action film and something real."