Sylvester Stallone is to write, direct, and star in a film about the unsolved murders of celebrated rappers Tupac Shakur and CHRISTOPHER 'BIGGIE SMALLS' WALLACE.

Stallone will play real-life detective Russell Poole, who appeared in BIGGIE AND TUPAC, journalist Nick Broomfield's big screen documentary about the killings.

The controversial movie, provisionally titled RAMPART SCANDAL, which will focus on corruption in the Los Angeles Police Department.

The story will unfold from different perspectives, and follow Poole's efforts in unraveling the supposed cover-ups surrounding the murders, in 1996 and 1997.

Following a recent lunch with DEATH ROW'S BACK boss Marion 'Suge' Knight, Stallone is hoping the ex-convict will portray himself in the film - even though Broomfield's film heavily implicated the controversial hip-hop svengali in the murders.

06/06/2003 13:36