Sylvester Stallone regrets signing up to make a sixth Rocky movie, and wishes he had listened to his wife's protests when he was initially offered the role. JENNIFER FLAVIN burst into tears when the 60-year-old revealed he would be reprising his role as boxing champ ROCKY BALBOA, because she was worried about the strain a rigorous training routine would have on him. And Stallone admits she may have been right. He says, "She was absolutely right. I mean, she was just defending her husband from what actually was a totally crazy idea, but now she likes it." Stallone was convinced to take the role because the last film was such a disappointment. He adds, "I know Rocky 5 disappointed a lot of people. I felt the same way about it and that was gnawing away at me everytime people said to me they liked the first four but... "When the option of Rocky came up I thought the time was right to do another one, just to make sure it was finished properly. That's just what life is like."