Hollywood hardman Sylvester Stallone realised old age is catching up with him when he struggled to get fit for upcoming movie ROCKY BALBOA. The 60-year-old decided to take on the role in the fifth Rocky sequel to make up for the critically-mauled ROCKY 5, even though his body often felt like it was breaking down during training. He says, "I know a lot of actors say they train for 12 hours a day for parts like this, but the truth is I did about three-and-a-half to four because that's all the body can take. "Anything more than that and you start to break down and actually end up performing worse. Things just wear out. All those years of heavy leg lifting and running up steps now mean when I try to run, everything hurts - my knees, hips and even my neck. "There's nothing plastic in there yet, but we are getting close to it."