Sylvester Stallone is using his new health, fitness and lifestyle magazine SLY to pump up support for a sixth Rocky movie.

The movie star has been trying to get the project, in which he'll again play boxer ROCKY BALBOA, off the ground for the past two years and now he's using his new publication to show off the script.

He'll run the Rocky VI storyline, complete with cartoon drawings, in the first three issues of his new mag.

The teaser features Balboa, a disillusioned restaurant owner, struggling to come to terms with his wife ADRIAN's (corr) death and trying to stay close with his high-flying son.

In the first issue of Sly, which hits newsstands next week (beg14FEB05), the movie star also lists the 10 best boxing movies he hasn't been in.

Among them is Clint Eastwood's OSCAR-nominated Million Dollar Baby, RAGING BULL, Muhammad Ali documentary WHEN WE WERE KINGS and Humphrey Bogart classic THE HARDER THEY FALL.

10/02/2005 03:56