Sylvester Stallone's mum JACKIE believes she has "proved" her pet dogs possess psychic powers - because they accurately predicted US President GEORGE W BUSH's 2000 election win.

The charismatic mother of the ROCKY star - who entertained British TV viewers on reality show Celebrity Big Brother last month (JAN05) - first realised her three miniature Dobermans were clairvoyant when they gravitated towards a prayer mat she purchased.

She says, "I was given this mat by a sheikh in Qatar and the dogs started sleeping on it. It was around the time of the US elections and whenever George W Bush came on the television, the dogs would sort of smile.

"But when (ex-presidential hopeful) Al Gore came on, they'd look really depressed and walk out of the room. Bush got in and the dogs were proved right."

01/02/2005 09:19