Sylvester Stallone has launched his new mature style magazine SLY with the realisation he only has 884 weekends left in his life.

The actor-turned-editorial director has penned the foreword to the first issue of his new publication, which hits newsstands next week (beg14FEB05), and in it he observes some scary facts about the time he has left.

He writes, "The average person lives about 75 years. Now, if you multiply 75 years times 52 weeks, you come up with 3,900 weeks of life. That's it.

"Then I thought, Hell, I'm 58. Which means I have roughly 884 weekends left... Damn! Talk about a wake-up call.

"With 884 weekends left, I now only do things that make my heart and soul feel satisfied. I take that trip, buy that car, call that friend, tell that special someone I love them when they least expect it."

The new mag also features the ROCKY star's top 10 tips for life and sex advice and interviews with Ray Liotta, James Caan, porn star Jenna Jameson and novelist Jackie Collins.

10/02/2005 09:20