Sylvester Stallone was so appalled at the treatment his mother JACKIE received on British reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother, he planned an emergency trip to the UK to bring her home.

JACKIE was voted out of the house on Friday night (14JAN05) after only five days on the show. The ROCKY star originally wished his mother luck in an official statement, but secretly feared she had only been invited onto the show to be publicly ridiculed, reports British newspaper the DAILY STAR.

And when sources informed him the British media were portraying Jackie in a negative manner, he nearly jetted out to the UK to rescue his mum.

A friend of the 58-year-old says, "The first he knew about Jackie being on the show was when his publicist phoned him on Wednesday (12JAN05) to say the media wanted a statement. The publicist assumed he knew, but it soon became clear he hadn't a clue, not even realising what the programme was about.

"He had to call up some old friends in England to find out more - who told him his mum wasn't coming across well. He got so angry he threatened to fly over to England to get her out of the show."

16/01/2005 14:48