RAMBO star Sylvester Stallone is thoroughly unimpressed by this summer's (03) action blockbusters - he reckons they're so formulaic they could all be mixed together and no-one would know the difference.

The muscle-clad screen star, who will next hit screens in Spy Kids 3: GAME OVER, believes many of today's box office wonders are far from innovative, and depend too much on computer-generated special effects.

He says, "If you got a little drunk and you had an editing machine, you could edit every film this summer together...

"I'm telling you, you could have Charlie's Angels getting chased by THE HULK, and Lara Croft comes in and saves Charlie's Angels. Then there comes BAD BOYS II, who come in and shoot The Hulk and X-Men comes in and you could do an amazing 25-hour CGI bonanza and release it in Russia and they will never know the difference."

21/07/2003 09:16