RAMBO star Sylvester Stallone credits the 1958 movie HERCULES for giving him the inspiration to develop big muscles.

The Hollywood actor, who has boasted a muscular frame for a number of years, hated his skinny body when he was growing up.

He tells MAXIM magazine, "When I was young, I was very thin and not athletic. I felt isolated because I was never picked for teams and I wasn't really brought up in a sports-minded family.

"But when I was 12 I went to see HERCULES with STEVE REEVES and I had an epiphany. I literally went from the theatre to a junkyard to find heavy stuff to lift.

"At that time gyms were dungeons' dark, weird places with things that looked like they were used during the Inquisition. And people were into weird experimentation like the Cheese Diet and eating raw eggs."

25/10/2004 09:21