LATEST: Sylvester Stallone has branded his troubled visit to Australia "eventful and stressful". The actor's luggage, private jet and hotel room were searched by customs officials last week (ends23FEB07), with banned substances taken from the cases of Stallone's entourage. But Stallone admits it isn't the first time he courted controversy Down Under - on his previous trip to Australia, he was criticised for damaging US-Russian relations through the latest installment of his RAMBO franchise. He says, "The last time I came here with a film I had finished Rambo III and at that time (the late 1980s) Russia had just become our buddies. "(First Lady) NANCY REAGAN got kissed on the cheek by (Russian president) (MIKHAIL) GORBACHEV and suddenly I became the red-baiter. So when I came out the Australian press were all over me, calling me a war-mongerer. I said, 'I'm just making a movie - Rambo doesn't even live in the US!'"