Hollywood veteran Sylvester Stallone has offered some advice to US bound soccer ace David Beckham - don't behave like a superstar. Beckham and his wife VICTORIA will soon be moving to Los Angeles after he signed a five year contract, beginning in June (07), with the LA Galaxy worth $250 million (GBP128 million). But Stallone advices fashion icon Beckham to play it cool. He says, "Right now David is getting more attention than the president of the US. Victoria came to the neighbourhood I live in to look for a home a few days ago and my wife calls and says, 'Sly, there are 75 camera crews outside the gate.' They are under a lot of pressure and they will need to be in a neighbourhood like ours. "I think he will be great for soccer in America but if he wants to be taken seriously he might want to tone down the other side of his life - the high society side. "In America, if you're an athlete you have to look like an athlete. If you're flashy then the whole thing can turn badly against you. The US audience doesn't like the Rolls Royces and the showy lifestyle - they like the humility. "In America, showing off the superstar lifestyle can be perceived as, 'Look at what I've got and you don't.' "He's got to give soccer a blue collar, salt of the earth image or it won't work, otherwise it will become elitist like polo. He needs to adapt to the mindset."