Sylvester Stallone has confirmed he received death threats after shooting Rambo in Burma.

The fourth film in the action franchise sees Stallone reprising his role as the Vietnam veteran to come to the aid of Christian aid workers held captive by Burmese militia.

And speaking to reporters at the West End premiere of the movie, the 61-year-old said he had received death threats "all the time" due to the film highlighting the problems in the wartorn nation.

"It's a very dangerous part of the world. A lot of people do disappear and you know they didn't want this film to be made.

"The civil wars have been going on for 60 years and no one knows about it because they pay a fortune to keep it quiet."

The movie - the first in the franchise in 20 years - has been given an 18 certificate for what Variety called its "unusually high body count", but Stallone has defended the picture's bloody depiction of Burmese civil war.

"This is the greatest action film, mainly because it's a real story," he explained.

"As we are speaking people are being destroyed. Hopefully we can bring awareness to this."

He added: "War is a horrifying situation. If anyone's dropped into a war zone you come back damaged the rest of your life. The film has got a responsibility; if you're going to make a war let's show it the way it is."

While a number of celebrities attended the premiere in London's Leicester Square, a small group of Burmese supporters also showed their thanks to Stallone - who wrote and directed the film - for publicising the troubles in their country.

13/02/2008 09:30:47