A scene from the 1979 hit Rocky II where Sylvester Stallone's character knocks out APOLLO CREED has been voted the best film sporting moment of all time. Second place in the poll by movie advertising giants Pearl + Dean went to DANIEL LARUSSO's 'crane' kick in THE KARATE KID. In third place was Adam Sandler's winning golf shot in Happy Gilmore. More than 3,000 cinema fans voted in the poll. Pearl + Dean spokeswoman KATHRYN JACOB says, "Rocky is the ultimate sports film series so it's no surprise that it has been a knock-out in this poll. "We reckon 60-year-old Sylvester Stallone would floor The Karate Kid in a real fight too, crane or no crane." The top ten is as follows: 1. ROCKY knocks out Apollo (ROCKY II) 2. DANIEL LARUSSO assumes the Crane technique stance (THE KARATE KID) 3. HAPPY GILMORE'S winning shot against SHOOTER MCGAVIN (HAPPY GILMORE ) 4. Jake La Motta'S final bout with SUGAR RAY ROBINSON (Raging Bull) 5. HAROLD ABRAHAMS completes race before clock strikes 12 (Chariots of Fire ) 5. ROCKY'S Siberian mountain training (ROCKY IV) 7. PELE'S overhead kick (ESCAPE TO VICTORY) 7. JESS BHAMRA scores in the cup final (Bend It Like Beckham) 9. COLE TRICKLE wins the DAYTONA 500 (Days of Thunder) 10. EDDIE FELSON'S rematch with MINNESOTA FATS (The Hustler).