Danish actress BRIGITTE NIELSEN stormed off Joan Rivers' British chat show twice on Sunday (10APR05) - after the acid-tongued host branded her a "c**t" for denying her drug-taking past.

Rivers, 71, accused Nielsen of being a former drug addict, marrying Sylvester Stallone for his money and appealing to the audience with "cheap tricks and lame jokes" during a shocking interview on her forthcoming show THE JOAN RIVERS POSITION.

But when Nielsen screamed back at Rivers in Italian, the presenter retorted, "I knew you'd be a c**t before you came on the show and that's just what you're being.

"You don't like me and I don't like you, so why did you come on the show? I know you'll do anything for money but we didn't pay you that much. If you don't want to be here, f**k off."

Nielsen marched off the stage but agreed to continue the interview after Rivers made an apology on camera.

But when Rivers mocked Nielsen's Italian boyfriend MATTIA DESSI's grasp of English, and ordered the audience to ignore the ROCKY IV star's "attention-seeking" actions, Nielsen grabbed Dessi's arm and walked off the show a second time.

The programme's executive producer GRAHAM STUART says, "Joan is amazing and this was a classic talk show spat between host and guest. Brigitte pulled off her microphone and stomped off.

"Some very strong words were exchanged from both sides, but Joan speaks as she finds, which leads to her saying some outrageous stuff. Welcome to planet showbiz."

13/04/2005 13:34