Hot on the heels of Sylvester Stallone announcing plans for his boxing reality show, yet another combat-based series has been announced - this time in search of a martial arts champ.

Earlier this year (04), ROCKY star Stallone announced plans to film THE CONTENDER, which will feature former boxer Sugar Ray Leonard and air on TV network NBC.

Soon afterwards, champion fighter Oscar De La Hoya declared he'll be pushing forward with his own show, tentatively titled THE GREAT NEXT CHAMP, for rival network Fox.

And now martial arts movie star and champion Olivier Gruner is poised to headline THE SEARCH FOR THE AMERICAN WARRIOR, a show by being pitched to network bosses by martial arts movie mogul ANDRE MORGAN and reality TV veterans BRETT HUDSON and BURT KEARNS.

Morgan, who produced Bruce Lee's legendary Enter the Dragon, says, "(The show will) draw on 30 years of martial arts movie producing to being in big-name guest instructors and judges, including Sammo Hung, Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan."

28/06/2004 21:24