Hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz has become a co-owner of Monster Cable after purchasing a large stake in the electronics firm.

The star has also been appointed to the company's board of executives to help take the brand to the next level.

A statement issued by Beatz reads: "Monster has always been a go-to name for music electronics as well as a big part of music culture. The company has literally been changing the way people listen to music for over 30 years. They built an empire, and my job will be to push the envelope - turn the lights of the castle up really bright and help Monster take its next big step forward."

Monster boss Noel Lee adds, "The products that we have planned are revolutionary in technology, sound, and style. We need the talents and reach of Swizz to help bring these products to life in the eyes of the consumer."

Monster Cable was the company behind Dr. Dre's hugely successful Beats by Dre headphone and accessories range, until the two parties parted ways at the end of 2012 after a five-year deal.

Beatz isn't the only one in his family making moves in the world of electronics - his wife Alicia Keys recently signed on as the Global Creative Director of smartphone maker BlackBerry.